Pain Between Shoulder Blades (Mid Back)

Today I'd like to address a condition that's becoming increasingly more prevalent.  I'm referring to that annoying, constant, dull achy pain with tightness between the shoulder blades or middle back.  The reason we're seeing a growing number of people experiencing this particular complaint is the excessive use of computers today.  Just about everything is done online now from paying bills to applying for a job.  Not to mention the long hours we spend at the computer at our desk at home or work (like I'm doing  This shoulder pain is a direct result of a muscle imbalance between the pectoralis or "pec" muscles which in part controls your scapula (shoulder bone) from the front and the rhomboids which aids in control from the back.  When you sit and reach or keystroke for long periods of time, your pec muscles up front shorten and become stronger,  thus pulling the shoulder forward, while your rhomboids are stretched and weakened due to your scapula pulling and stretching them from behind.  In other words, if your pecs and rhomboids were engaged in a tug of war over your scapula, your pecs are winning big time.  Massages and heat may help temporarily relieve this pain, but as I'm sure you're aware it comes right back because you haven't addressed the root of the problem.  In order to create a more permanent and long term solution, you need to balance those muscles by stretching the pecs and strengthening the rhomboids.   There's a couple very simple exercises I'll post on this site via video that will demonstrate those, or you can call me and I'd be happy to show you in person.  You can also help yourself by sitting up straight like your mother taught you (they're always right) and getting out of your seat every 45 minutes no matter how busy you are, to give those muscles a break.  And as always, STAY ADJUSTED!


Dr. Skinner

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