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    "Dr. Cory Skinner was great! This was my first time going to a chiropractor. He listened to my problems and was able to help me understand the cause."

    Christopher E.
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    "I have a wide range of issues and have been seeing Dr. Skinner for a couple of months. I still have pain, but it has definitely improved since I first started with him."

    Richard T.
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    "His process was extremely effective, as within one week I have nearly no pain and almost full mobility. I would definitely recommend Action Chiropractic to anyone!"

    Matthew K.
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    "I sprained the MCL in my left knee. His care, advice and quick responses were incredibly effective. I still visit every two weeks for routine lower back adjustments."

    Mario T.
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    "I've always been skeptical of chiropractic care but I went in for lower back pain and hip problems. Within a couple months I am feeling much better!"

    Josh M.
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    "I went to see Dr. Skinner after I sprained/fractured/tore my left ankle and, though obviously painful, enjoyed every minute of it...he made sure I was well educated..."

    Meg S.
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    "I suffer from chronic IT Band and Patella issues. Dr. Skinner made sure to do a full evaluation and come up with a long term game plan."

    Beth H.


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